Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hard Core Fibre Pr0n!

Madras (1)
Madras fibre - Treetops Colour Harmonies
Madras (2)

I loved Bon's comment on the last spinning post so much, I had to name a post after it and dish out some more!!

Madras separated
Separated/pre-drafted and balled up
Madras separated (1)

Mmmm... the colours conjure thoughts of pina coladas, lolly water and tasty fruit spritzes....

Sunday spun singles


bon008 said...

hehehehe :)

Despite the fact that I'm not actually a fibre-junkie like the rest of you - I still love these posts because your photography is so awesome!!

jenny said...

Thats really very nice and attractive work for winter. I have a sweeter made of sturry wool only. Difficult to wear whole day but helps well in heavy cold too...

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