Monday, October 26, 2009


I picked up this tackle box for a wonderful bargain this weekend from the local camping and outdoors store.

Bauble stash (2)

It may seem a little odd for a vegetarian purchase.. have I truly taken up fishing?

In fact no, the case isn't for organising fishing hoo-hahs but to finally put my baubles in order!!

Previously they were in such a state I barely wore any of my lovely things because I couldn't find them, or forgot I had them. So I did a complete re-evaluation and laid everything out...


But now look at the wonderous order of the baublery display!

Bauble stash (1)

Hurrah!! :D


Ann said...

That's a fantastic idea. I may have to buy one for all my beadings stuff.

bon008 said...

hehe, I love the juxtaposition of shiny pretty things with sturdy, practical tackle box :)

I should probably try something similar - I went looking for a particular necklace this morning and couldn't find it :(

jenny said...

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