Monday, February 08, 2010

The Comforts of Fibre

At the moment I'm working away from my shweetie, and he away from me - which is an awful, hideous, foul and hateful thing. But rather than sink into the doom and gloom of contemplating 4 weeks apart with only 1 week home before another 4 weeks apart (yecchhh) I decided I would use my 4 weeks to PLUNGE deeply in to my knitting and reading!

So to that effect, I managed to scramble together a bunch of my UFOs as I was packing and have been trying to update my Ravelry page so I have a good idea of which projects really ARE Works In Progress, and which are just faking and are in fact hibernating in the UFO world. Justify Full

As I did all this, I stumbled across some photos of the handspun I made for my lovely Mum last year for her birthday!

Handspun - Gypsy Jamberry (1)

I took these shots some time after gifting her the yarn, and then forgot to upload them! (Unless I actually DID, and what I've forgotten is the fact that I have already shown you!)

The yarn is spun from Treetops Colour Harmonies merino in the colourway 'Jamberry' which is perfectly wonderful for my Mama :)

This was spun up on the very cusp and eve of my learning to Navajo ply (the other yarn I spun for her birthday was Navajoed!) so this one was still a normal ply, but with a gold thread to add a little something different to the yarn.

It hasn't turned out too novelty, thank goodness, and I love the finished yarn! It makes me think of a gypsy caravan, and a wonderful wise gypsy woman (like my Mum!) with long chocolate dark hair (like my Mum!) the glint of her golden earrings peeking through her hair.

Handspun - Gypsy Jamberry (5)

Mum and I are still brainstorming what she could and wants to knit it up in to, but we will keep you posted!!

p.s. Sorry for the whinge above - it's a tolerable sacrifice and it will get us to where we want to be in our lives and allow us to raise our children on our dream farm, so it's worth it in the end! Just have to hang in there and surround myself in the comforts of fibre!

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Ann said...

It's terrible being apart but at least you have your knitting & time does go really fast!