Saturday, February 13, 2010

Full Cold is Warming Up

It's getting toasty here - VERY humid too. A mere hour outside walking and one returns to the office looking exactly as if a bucket of water has been dunked over the their head! Shirt saturated through completely and looking very drained!

It's gotten to that time again up here in the Pilbara when turning the cold tap on full, with no hot tap, still gives a warm shower! And that's in the evening too with the sun going down!

madras swatch (2)

I'm knitting with appropriate flamey hot coloured yarn at the moment too. This is the Madras Handspun I spun up a little while ago, I'm planning to knit up some sort of fabulously snug hat with flaps - but we'll see if I have enough yarn!!


bon008 said...

Down at our place we've just *finished* the shower with cold water only weather!

You can never have too many hats with flaps - can't wait to see how yours turns out :)

2paw said...

Oh here we have been having cool showers With Your Pyjamas On!!!
Love your flaming wool!!! Flamin' good!!

Ann said...

It's so really hot in Perth & I hate it. Can't wait for winter. Stay cool.