Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smitten & love

I recently had a one-of-a-kind-event gift knitting occasion... my only sibling, my debonaire older brother, entered wedded bliss in January!

I was so very excited, and knew a wee knitted giftie must accompany any other gift we gave, so I ordered the yarn and got to planning their very own matrimonial Smitten!
Bendigo Chrry Red

The Bendigo Woollen Mill Classic arrived a few days before I was due to fly home from work for the wedding - phew! The colour is perfect - Cheery Red - a rich red for deep red, but also bright for prosperity.

smitten mittens

So I got to knitting, beginning with the two individual mittens. It was a blessing that we can now knit on planes - I was able to bust out most of one mitten on the flight home!

The knitting then languished a little while we were doing all of the wedding events and excitement, but at the Tea Deremony following the wedding day I was almost finished. My sweet sister-in-law being the petite creature that she is, I had knit a very mini mitten for her, so my Shweetie suggested we secretly have her equally minute older sister try the mitten on for size, just in case. Well thank goodness we did! Turns out I had knit it a little toooo small! So some frantic knitting ensued to knit another one a little more human sized!


Photographed above are the initial mittens, with the teeny weeny one rather than the final well fitting set. I finished them off and the newlyweds were suitabley thrilled to bits, much to my delight :D

I'd love to take a photo some time of them both, back in their wedding finery, walking along hand in smittened hand, then reduce the photo to black and white with only the bright red smittens left in colour!


It was such a heart warming and wonderful experience to share in my lovely brother's nuptials, and once again knitting was there to add that little bit of extra warmth :)


bon008 said...

Haha, I've never seen smitten mittens before -what a fabulous idea!

So cute :)

2paw said...

Your Smitten Mitten looks like a heart!!!

Ann said...

The Smitten Mitten is a great idea & you did a beautiful job.