Monday, March 08, 2010

40 Watt

Not so very secret - I'm a bit of a geek, and am rather a comic book fan, and am particularly partial to Tank Girl, in all her rebellious, pack-rat collecting, tank whispering goodness.


So I thought a printed shirt was in order!
40wattclub (9)

My Shveetie skoota was (is?) a dinki-di, legitimate, system-bucking, mohawk-donning actual punk, so he thinks it's all a teensy bit giggle-worthy and refers to it as "candy punk" or "popcorn punk". But that's ok :) I don't reckon I'm quite tough enough to be a proper punk anyway ;)

40wattclub (1)

Sometimes I like to think that mah shweetie and I are a little like Boogah and TG...

sash n skoot

Except of course, I don't smoke.


pendie said...

How adorable; you make the perfect couple!

idyllicchick said...

Tank Girl is awesome! Her 40 Watt shirt comes from the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia, which is still up and running. It is also, I assure your Boogah, very punk rock. =)

Sasha said...

Yes! I knew about the 40 Watt Club in Georgia, but had just assumed it had closed down - how rad that it's still up and running!! Boogah will be most pleased ;D