Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sneak Peek 'n' Updatin


Have just flown back up north and only now unloaded ALL of my stuff (2x giant kit bag, large back pack and a huuuuuuge hard packing chest) into this new camp - yes, I have moved camps! This room's looking great though, loads of space and... a kitchen! No more camp food!!

But suffice to say I'm rather knackered. So for now, here's a sneaky peeky at a hand knit gift given out to the lovely recipient yesterday and as yet to be posted about! You'll also notice my fantastic new shirt! Hurrah for wearing our knitterness and geekery with pride!

Bon & Sash (1)Justify Full

p.s. The mega great news is the internet at this camp actually WORKS! :D No more intermittent blog posting!


2paw said...

Happy Camping!!!

bon008 said...

Haha, I must get the same camera you have! How is it that it managed to take a photo showing NONE of the MANY red spots all over my face right now?? I surreptitiously airbrushed them out over on Three Tomatoes Short.. *Grin*