Saturday, March 13, 2010

As good as a holiday

Well, maybe not QUITE that good, but I see where the saying comes from, for sure!

But even better to have a little change while ON holiday - a holiday from work anyway. These are some of the tasty treats I tried whilst on my last R&R;

other worldly treats

I popped in to a British Lolly Shop that also stocked other assorted goodies from around the globe - things seemingly from another world, since none of those tasties are found in our regular stores.

The Vanilla drink was delicious but after half a can was TOO syrupy sweet, which is something coming from me - I'd practically drink maple syrup! My favourite of the bunch was the Skor - nothing like some delicious toffee!

What new things have you tried, lately?

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Ann said...

Yummy. That A&W drink used to be my favorite. There was a cafe near Uni & they had the A&W float which I loved & drank almost everyday!