Thursday, March 04, 2010

Couchon Coserie

Not proper french, I know, but when I was gifted a snazzy flash new ipod touch by my workplace as part of a company incentive scheme, the lovely new shiny needed a name, and Couchon seems to spring out of nowhere!

Of course I had not had Couchon long before the following things began to happen;
  1. I started to realise how fun the touch is
  2. I started to fall madly into besottment with the Couchon
  3. I became incredibley protective of la Couchon (which of course led to)
  4. I cast on for a handknit Couchon Coserie!
Couchon Coserie (12)

Using some of the gloriuos delicious and fabulous Koigu (a miniscule amount from the two skeins I purchased some time ago and STILL have not decided what to do with!) I used Rose Red's fabulous iSock as a model and knit away!

Couchon Coserie (7)

I cast on 40 (too big) then 32 (still too big) and eventually settled on 28 as the perfect stitch circumference to keep the cosy nice and snug around the iTouch.

A three needle bind off at the end to give some structural seamage, and a wee garter stitch strap to fold over with a neat little button! Super handy to keep the earphone cables wrangled too to save the tangle-tastic terror of the knitting bag! Yay!

Couchon Coserie (2)

p.s. Did I mention just HOW in love with Koigu I am..?


Melita said...

Sasha that's a gorgeous coserie!! I've been making some recently to sell at an upcoming fund raising fair... I'll have to photograph them soon and add to my rav page.

bon008 said...

Awww, so cute :)

Ann said...

Looks like your iTouch is so comfy in it's new coserie. I knitted one for my iTouch too! Welcome to the world of iTouch - it's great!