Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Namesake Socks

Some months ago, the generous Jolene of The One About Inori was expanding her hand-dyed yarns and not only created this fabulous lime and turquoise number.... but named it after me too!

sasha yarn

I was very touched and knew I had to turn this skein into a selfish knit, a knit for me :)

It didn't take very long to decide that, yes, I would like my very own pair of handknit socks to wear - and so the knitting began. I knit away on them as I started my new job on the new construction site up North, knit them in the bus on the way to and from work, in medical clinics waiting for employees and at every other chance.

But when I had the brainwave of knitting up some socks for my lovley Mama for Christmas, sadly the Tale of Only One Sock Circular ended with the predictable ending of the Sasha Socks being thieved of their needles!

Sasha Socks (4)

But they are back on the needles again now, or should I say, OFF the needles as they're complete!

I customised the toes such that there is a left foot and a right foot due to the bias of the pointed toe leaning either left or right, and they fit wonderfully!!

Sasha Socks (3)

Thank you SO very much Jojo, for your lovely gift and the honour of having a yarn named after me!! I highly recommend Jolene's online store - Yarn & Kisses - for both fibre and non-fibre enthusiasts. Plus I believe there will be some exciting new developments over there soon!


pendie said...

love the socks; the color is great!

inoriz said...

Sash, the socks are GREAT!!!!!!! Thank you so so so much for sharing.

I've dyed up Sasha's green and will be on sale soon! Shop is opening tomorrow (cross fingers!)

I'm soooo glad you like them socks. Love you lots and miss you too!