Friday, April 30, 2010

ticked off

That's just how I feel at the moment - Well, perhaps that's a rather diplomatic and mild manner of putting it. But I feel cranky, and rotten and rather upset!

One of those days when the politics, and small-mindedness and petty people make an impact and get through, causing needless trouble.

I really do think they should look after their own business and stop minding mine. They're doing a poor job of minding my business and I'd much rather they leave THAT to me, and go back to minding their OWN!


Non-crafty post, and also quite emotionally charged - so I apologise for that! I feel better having vented, though - and now will hop in to bed with my current knit, and that will improve my mood even further I'm sure! :)

Here's a lovely photo of our adorable Chilli to seal the deal...


1 comment:

2paw said...

Oh Chilli is gorgeous!! No wonder you are longing for a cuddle!!! I hope the people refrain from sticking their noses in ASAP!