Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Fuzzy And Functional

I recently had a spate of knitting... well frustration is the only word I can think of!

I had nothing much on the needles and was ready to cast on for something new, but being such a momentous occasion the pressure seemed too much!!

You see, generally I finish something up just in time to quickly cast on for the next project - a project which is probably due in two weeks just in time for the recipient's birthday/childbirth/wedding etc.. So it was so very refreshing to have no such gift knitting waiting in the wings and full freedom to cast on something wild and wonderous of my choice!!

And yet... I wasn't able to decide on what to knit!!

I hemmed and hawed and spent some very pitiful and fruitless times with NOTHING to knit during drives around town and such - so decided I would leap in with a project for the meantime!

Enter... Fuzzy Feet!

fuzzy feety

These lovely felted slippery puppies have been on the cards for AGES way back when I purchased a whole bunch of Vintage Hues to make up some Fuzzy Feet for my shweetie and I.

They're coming along very nicely indeed and I am very excited about the felting stage since I've never felted before!


2paw said...

Oh I recognised the VH colours!! What a good idea!! I am soon to have a quandary about which cardigan to knit next: oh the humanity!!!

bon008 said...

Gorgeous colours! :) Glad you're finally knitting for yourself, it's about time!