Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nice Thick Manly Woolly Socks

My shweetie is a big fan of socks. Socks may even be his favourite item of clothing - ever! He refuses to put used socks back on even for a moment, and likes a nice, thick, woolly sock. When I first knit socks for him, I knit them out of fingering weight yarn so, while he appreciated the design and knitting skill, they were just too thin for him. So for his birthday this year I had a Plan!

Skoot Socks (3)

I have a huge stash of heirloom 5ply yarn and decided to use it held together and knit him Nice Thick Manly Woolly Socks - but in secret!

I used a magic cast on for the toe - my favourite - and basically knit the socks on the fly, making the design as I went. I had pinched one of my Shweetie's socks from the dirty clothes basket and used that to match the dimensions of his foot! So a 3x1 rib on instep, was just the ticket to give a nice snug fit, and normal stockinette sole. I increased for the heel with M1 at each end of the heel every second round and knit a short row heel in keeping with the 3x1 rib. I then continued up the leg in stockinette but keeping two of the rib bands going all the way up for a little interest. And finally at the very top of the leg section I added a 3x1 rib :)

Skoot Socks (5)
(excuse the awful blurry shot!)

I knit these ones right up to the line - when I finished the first sock I only had a day and a half (work days at that) left!! But I did manage to have them finished in time and gifted to my shweetie on his birthday - phew! They were VERY well received , being declared the best I have knit so far!!

Skoot Socks (4)

I'm super happy with how they turned out, plus there's the extra warm fuzzy of knitting for true love - and nothing says 'True Love' like Nice Thick Manly Woolly hand knit birthday socks!


pendie said...

nice socks! He's a lucky guy

Ann said...

The socks look great & thick. You have done a fantastic job.