Friday, May 21, 2010

Pie in the Sky 68-10

Pie In THe Sky Finn close up

Enter a skein of yarn spun in my VERY early days as a knitter. I used fibre from Spunky Eclectic's Club - the Pie in the Sky colourway, and had plied it with a silver thread - my first out-of-the-ordinary yarn and I remember having such fun with it! It's a little uneven, but that's ok - it was all part of the spinning journey and it's nice to look back to where I first started!

68-10 In the SKy

I decided for my first 68-10 Drops headband (yes, I know I've already posted about the one knit in cotton, which I actually knit SECOND!) I would use this handspun held together with another yarn, to get the correct gauge. So I used some heirloom wool in a chocolatey brown, which offset the handspun nicely.

68-10 In the SKy w Chocolate

I knit this with my dreads in mind, and actually began knitting it in the dreadlocks hot seat!! it didn't take very long to knit up and I'm stoked with the result :D Now I just need the weather cool enough to wear it!!

Handspun 68-10 Mosaic


2paw said...

It's gorgeous. I love the sparkles. Mind, you I think this is a Panta?? I have a green one.

Ann said...

Looks great on you!