Friday, May 14, 2010

Cotton Drops

I cast on for another 86-10 Drops Headband straight after I finished the woolen handspun version. I loved the handspun but working up north in Australia it is TOO HOT for wool so a cotton version was required!

Using 4.5mm needles, I used some Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton yarn I purchased years ago from the lovely ladies at Knitting Inspirations. The headband took just over one ball and I found the yarn lovely to work with and entertained thoughts of maybe even a summer top from it someday?

Cotton Drops (6)

It was a very quick knit - I followed the guidelines of the pattern but made the length a little custom by adjusting the number of rows knit before increasing. I'm finding the headband SO super comfy, and it doubles as an excellent eye-mask to keep the light out when I'm trying to sleep in on our one day off!

Cotton Drops

p.s. I have a bit of a back log of projects to post about - such as this one. I'll catch up soon hopefully!!

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bon008 said...

Looks beautiful :) And your dreads are thickening out nicely too!