Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beginnings of a Rainbow

Thank you all for such wonderful comments on my rainbow handspun skeins! Always so lovely to have feedback and share the joy! :)

I cast on with the intense rainbow, planning on a pointy topped beanie with ear flaps and wonderously fluffy tassles from each ear flap - sounds fabulous, doesn't it?


But then I realised there is NOT enough yarn to finish this one from the single skein! Not to be deterred I thought through my stash and have a perfectly fluffy and thick singles of black wool I bought in Canberra (Holiday yarn!!) that will contrast nicely. So I'll wait ‘til am back home on break and will use the lovely black bulky yarn to stripe in with the rainbow. I think a nice row by row striping of black and rainbow will give a good effect and give enough yarn to actually get the whole beanie knit up! :D


2paw said...

o pretty. I love rainbow colours like that, and the black stripes are a perfect solution!!

2paw said...

It is s................

add that to the start please!!!!