Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dip My Head in Rainbow Juice!

Finished Object! Hurrah!!
Rainbow dipped (1)

Well dip my head in rainbow juice and call me a hippy! I am thrilled with this lovely, soft, warm beanie - knit up from a combination of rainbow handspun striped with Katia black.

Rainbow dipped

I simply started at the pointy red elfin knob and worked down to the necessary circumference (isn't it the easiest thing, knitting garments for yourself - you can try them on as you go!). Then I cast off over the front and back leaving live stitches for the ear flaps. The back and forth knitting on the ear flaps was a little more fiddley as I had to carry the yarn along like in fair isle work. But that makes for very snuggley warm ear flaps!

Rainbow dipped (2)

The ear flaps are finished off with some icord and then a little tassle at each tip - I'm becoming quite fond of tassles!

Unfortunately, the weather up here has turned decided warm and muggy the last few days - it seems that our quota of one cold week for winter is up! But when the cool weather returns, my rainbow juice hat and I will be ready!


2paw said...

It is absolutely fabulous. I love rainbows and your rainbow hat is so lovely!!!! I love the elfin top ad the whole ROY G BIVness of the hat!!!

bon008 said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I can vouch for how warm and snuggly and fashionable your beanies are!! I frequently get comments on my awesome tassley beanie :)

Ann said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous. Love the colors & you are so clever to knit it all without a pattern.

Oo Xin Man said...

Omg do you have the pattern for this? :(
Do email me if you have, or don;t... :(