Friday, July 16, 2010

What I'm Reading

I have just finished speed reading the novella cousin to the Twilight series (groan if you must, I find the books so engaging, but yes a little vomitous - but when did vomit get in the way of good clean fun?!) which has reminded me how much I really do love to read the printed word - actual hold-in-your-hands books. LUFF!

So while we were waiting at the airport to head back up north I found myself lured to the bookshop. I felt like a kid in a lolly shop! I was almost in a frenzy glancing from book to book and settled on a few but didn't want to just buy for the sake of buying. So I was very good and went to sit back down with my shweetie to wait for our boarding call. I looked up the online price of one book that had particularly taken my fancy, and with a small amount of encouragement from the Shweetie I dashed back across the lounge (dodging the hawkers) and picked up this little number right there and then (I am enjoying it immensely);


Jackie French's A Year in the Valley fills my heart and mind with thoughts of what our life will be like once we're nestled in our own wee farm house living off the land :)


2paw said...

I haven't read this one, but I like Jackie French. I want to read her animal series, where they are companions to famous humans, like Mary Queen of Scots!!

bon008 said...

Ooh, cool, that sounds like a really good book. Jackie French is always full of heaps of useful information!