Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Re Dipping

Another post on my newly finished super cozy and soft handspun rainbow beanie. I had lost the camera so couldn't post any shots of the beanie BEING a beanie!

Dip My Head

So there you have it - officially a beanie that fits on my head, covers my ears and gets LOTS of laughter and comments from work colleagues when i wear it into work *grin* (This morning was quite breezey and cool so I donned the beanie!)

I may still crochet the black around the ear flaps to match the bind off at front and back - but for now it's definitely fulfilling its purpose :)


2paw said...

It looks even better when you are wearing it.

Anonymous said...

OMG you so beyond cool. I love love your hat AND your dreads.
I just just received six cones of cotton 3/2 in the Rastafarie color scheme (sorry about the spelling)
Everybody seems to love love those colors I may try to sell a fiber project fir the first hahaha

I will end giving them away if I know me

I miss you badly on QN, but I can play reruns. I just the queen and asked for you to come back
your so Awesome Sasha
Paul one of your manny fans