Wednesday, July 21, 2010

52 in 52 : Mid Year Check In

It's high time I did a damage report - I mean status report - on how I'm trucking along with the 52 in 52.

You may remember (for those who have been taking notes for the test later) that I'm doing a 52 CRAFTS in 52 weeks, and also the 52 BOOKS in 52 weeks - as I did last year.

Well, that is, I'm trying to do them - but as you can see from my whiz-bang spreadsheets below I'm a bit behind!

52 MIDWAY  Crafts

I can't really explain this lack of finished objects and books - the only thing I can think of is that my work hours are longer now than on previous jobs, although we do get an extra day off each week. So who knows?!

52 MIDWAY  Books

It's so good to touch base like this though and regroup for the second half of the year. The Onslaught, it shall be. It shall be an onslaught of projects and books - fibre and wool scraps will fly across the room in the frenzy of knitting, spinning and general crafting - books will be churned through like the great thumping unstoppable water wheel I always imagined at the BeanStalk Giant's home. Yes, yes it shall be so!

Let's see if I can keep that passion and make it happen! I also notice the difference between times when I'm away on site on my own (February this year) and when Sir Shweetie and I are together - obviously I spend a lot of my free time with Sir Shweetie - and we don't tend to spend much time helping each other finish hand knits or reading aloud! Below is a shot of some of the books on my 'list', a few of which I'm already part way through. (Could that be a reason? Non-monogamous reading?)

Since my job now doesn't involved tedious hours of data entry, plus we're not actually allowed to bring mp3 players on to the construction site - audio books consumption has been lower than last year. But there's still home time, there's still the bus ride to and from work, the flights home and now there's even CROCHET! I can still make it!


2paw said...

Wow, that's a big gaol to achieve, good luck!! I am not sure how many books I have read this year, I read more book than I ever bother to add to my blog sidebar.
When I was at work there was no knitting or reading all day at school, and at bight if I was planning or marking. I did always, always, read before bed though.

Ann said...

You are organised with those great looking charts. Looks like lots of knitting & reading for the 2nd half of the year & they are my 2 favorite activities.