Monday, August 02, 2010


In the knitting world we're familiar with many acronyms;
FO - Finished Object
WIP - Work in Progress
LYS - Local Yarn Shop
...and so on.

In the construction industry the two most important acronyms are;
R&R - Rest and Recuperation
RDO - Rostered Day Off

Some times an RDO isn't actually a day off, we need to come in - but on those days they ARE actually a day off, they are blissful.
Knitting RDO

This photo is from the last RDO I had off and it shows just the type of day off I love - lounging on the bed with a plethora of yarn and knitting projects around me! How delicious!


2paw said...

Yes, I remember RDOs, and long weekends, once every four weeks: four days off.
I love that hat!!

Ann said...

I will love to have a RDO so that I can sit & knit all day & not worry about housework. Love that hat too.