Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lovely Warm Slightly Fuzzy

This last week past I have been knitting with lovely warm, slightly fuzzy yarn, on a lovely warm slightly fuzzy project for my (you guessed it) lovely warm, slightly fuzzy Papa!

Earthen Beanie (2)

He's the coolest Dad around, and each year heads over East to the snow for a snowboarding adventure. I have knit him a beanie in the past (***) but it was a little short on his forehead, and though he wears it, it is an inside beanie, not a thrashing down the white slopes, keeping Dad's ears warm from the crisp frosty air kind of beanie.

Earthen Beanie

So the race has been ON to finish the beanie before Dad flies out to the snow!
I'm basing the beanie on Jared Flood's excellent Turn A Square pattern, but with a couple of changes.

These shots are from last week and the good news is.. I've finished! FO project photos to come :)

Earthen Beanie (1)

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2paw said...

I thought that was a bit of an interesting beanie- With a teasing cut out at the top of the head!!
It looks very warm and will be a great hat for you dad!!