Sunday, November 07, 2010

dread maintenance

My dreads are going famously, but I have really been quite neglectful of them - there hasn't been nearly enough of this action:
100719 Dreads (1)
That is, dreading new sprouts of hair, or escaped flyaways back in to the dreadleys.
100719 Dreads (3)

Here they are in the wilds of our Tassie block - dreads are THE perfect thing for our lives in Tassie - no mess, no fuss, low maintenance, easy care.
101103 - Would We Build Here Dreads (1)
Sometimes I get snagged on spikey plants as I walk past resulting in a bit of natural velcro! Love that they are easy to put up, love that they are easy to wear down and don't tickly me nose of fly into my face when they're out!

In short, Love love love - and they will only continue to get better, more established and dreadlier!


2paw said...

You do look like you belong!!!

bon008 said...

Oooh, they're looking fabulous!! So spiky and pert!