Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Torso in Tassie

On Sunday I completed the torso section of my Audrey in Unst (or 'Permaculture in Tassie' as I call it).

P in T Cardigan

Since I'm knitting with three balls of Dream in Colour Smooshy (delicious!!) I am alternating row by row so the colours are kept even.

I'm not sure exactly how far three skeins will get me, so rather than knitting the sleeves at this point, I will knit the button band first, the neck band and then progress to the sleeves. My plan is such that all the remaining yarn at that point can be used in the sleeves, enabling me to ration the yarn evenly between the two sleeves and knit knit knit until I run out of yarn. Whatever length of sleeves I can eke out will be just right!

P in T Torso Collage

For now I am very happy with how the cardi is coming along, and trying it on at this stage makes me feel I should knit some VESTS! A very handy little piece of warm knitwear, and if I were knitting a vest I would be done by now - what a quick knit vests must be!


2paw said...

My word it is looking so gorgeous and green too. Great idea about the sleeves too.

Ann said...

It's gorgeous & looks good on you. I am sure you will have enough yarn for the sleeves.

bon008 said...

Looks fantastic! :)