Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That Sinking Feeling

Last night while relaxing by the wood drum fire at our neighbour's place I was happily knitting away on the button bands of the P in T cardi. I found it perplexing that the Left Front button band had 108 stitches but the Right Front button band I had just picked up stitches for had substantially more - why could that be?

I counted and re-counted, then I laid the cardigan out and looked over it.

Ah. That's why.

P in T Oh No

I missed several rows of the Left Front - GAH!!

What makes the situation worse is that after the lace section ( I think I missed a "Repeat rows 14 - 17" type instruction) the shoulder continues and then is bound off with the back shoulder - so I will have to UNDO my kitchener stitch and rip back to the lace section.

Another worsening of the sinking feeling - the button band, all finished and pretty, is made by picking up stitches on the completed front, so I will have to undo that also as it will need to be longer! I toyed with the idea of just adding a small section of button band at the top there and trying to attach it seamlessly rather than undoing and redoing the whole lot, but it will be front and centre there at the neckline and I don't want it to look peculiar...

I tried to ignore it last night and finished the non-gaffed Right Front buttonband - but this morning there is nothing for it but to take a deep breath and rippit!


Ann said...

Oh no but it's alright as you can still re-do it. This is what I like about knitting - can be ripped & re-knit but not with sewing as once the material is cut, that's it.

Momo4ever.Com said...

Aarrghh!! I feel your pain!!!! Hugz hugz hugz!!!