Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ditch Witch - Original Style

We had a very energetic day yesterday!

A visit from the previous owners so we took a long walk all through the block along the river picking up local knowledge and asking questions. In the afternoon we literally bush bashed our way through from one track to another, sourcing a potential link up route (ouch! Spiky tea tree!).

In the middle of the day we decided we ought to provide some drainage for the wet and soggy sections of our tracks, and when the shovel proved insufficient we called in the Proper Equipment from our neighbour - the Pelican Pick. We had one each and went absolutely beserk digging out trenches to provide a run off spot for water collecting in pockets - back down to the river it went!

(Ditch Witch - Like a dirt chainsaw!)

The old Pelican Pick is somewhat different to the modern method of trenching - the Ditch Witch - but it worked fine for us, if a little muddy...

Ditch Witch?
(Track before pelican picking)

What a satisfying accomplishment and great exercise!

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bon008 said...

Oh, this is just like watching The Good Life, but even better, because it's real and I know and love you!!

What a beautiful lifestyle you guys are going to have over there :)