Sunday, December 05, 2010

Peaceful Happy Tasmanian Fibre

To appease myself after returning to the Pilbara from our glorious time away in Tasmania I decided a little parcel of Tassie fluff might be just the ticket. I wanted Tasmanian fluff not just fluff sent from a store in Tasmania and I found Tasmanian House of Fibre to have all sorts of goodies!

It was so lovely to come home from work one day with a squooshy parcel waiting for me!
FIbre Fest
(apologies for blue-rinse photo effect!)

I purchased some undyed fibre to dye up myself here, but time has not been as free and easy as I always optimistically think it will be so I haven't played with that yet. The Mount Roland dyed fibre is absolutely luscious - I would say the softest most delicious fibre I've played with yet!

I wanted a stress-free spin with the Mount Roland as life has been very full on lately. But I just couldn't spin so I was happy with it. Too thick, too uneven, little coils and I couldn't decided what personality the yarn had.
Last night I decided on a nice thin yarn that I will navajo in to around a fingering weight. It must have been the right choice because it is going marvellously :)

Unfortunately my lovely shweetie has to head back south and have some time off work for a while and, as he'll be taking the car, Arthur (my spinning wheel) must go with him as he is too cumbersome and fragile for the plane - WOE! I must enjoy the spinning while I can!

p.s I'm sure I took a photo of my single spun Mount Roland on the bobbin but now I can't find it! So you will have to stay tuned for that shot et to come!


2paw said...

Lovely Tasmanian fluff and I like your blue picture, it looks like in the museum where you press the button to see the fluoro rocks!!

Ann said...

Lovely fiber & it's a great idea to spin a thin yarn for socks or a shawl. I am going to learn navajo plying this weekend.