Monday, November 27, 2006

Sunday Shanizzle

My goooodness I was knackered on Sunday! I think all the running around on Satdee before the wedding and the late night just took it all outta me!
Skoota went mountainbiking on Sunday, so up I got and saw them all off, then back to bed for a monster sleep in - niiiiiice!
Then off to Lunch at Mum's for Ben's birthday. Check out the funky clouds as I was driving home!
funky clouds
When I got back the boys had already arrived home, and one had brought his little girl over too. They all stayed over for dinner (lazy fish'n'chips - yum!), so we got out balloons, stickers and all sorts of fun things - we even did face painting!
face painting
In between all of this I managed to settle down and do some beading. I'd been wanting to make up some stitch markers for a while now, and picked up some awesome fun super psychedelic bright purple and green the other day for this purpose!
stitch markers
So I am well and truly ready for a nice relaxing evening tonight, bludge in bed with a movie on or something equally as easy! I has a crack at my socks last night too, but got a bit confused with the heel... It's a short row heel, and from reading the pattern sounds essentially the same as doing the short row toe.. but it says to put half of the stitches onto one needle for the heel, and the other half onto another needles for the instep. But then if I use a third needle to do the working... that's three needles and doesn't work like the short row toe! I'm so confuuuuused!! Am hanging out for the next S'n'B so Helen and Ann can set me right! In the meantime I'll work on Skoot's scarf, the Chrissie crafts and bide my time!
new shoes 2
P.S. My spunky new shoes I got on Satdee.. wearing them today at work and LOVING THEM! So pointy! So buckle-y! So witchy! =D


Trillian42 said...

Don't panic - a short-row heel really does work like a short-row toe. You work it using the half of the stitches for the heel, and don't do anything with the half for the instep - they are just being held on that other needle, not worked until after the heel is completed.

Sasha said...

Aaaaaaaaahhhh Thanks!! That makes sense! THANK YOOUUU!!!! Now I can get cracking on my sock again! Yay!! :) :)