Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Secret Stuffs

Here's a little teaser, I'm bursting to post more photos and details, but really can't as these will end up being Chrissie Crafts for some loved peeps, and I know a lot of my lovely peeps frequent the blog so I can't go giving too much away!!
I'm knitting this in the Anchor yarns I posted a while back, and have bought some other colours in the cotton yarn too - super delicious! So so fun to knit up, and to my absolute delight the finished knit actually has a sort of shiny shimmer to it! I've been covetting the KnitPicks cotton for that very shimmery reason and was bummed they don't post to Oz, but now they don't need to because I've found fabulous ANCHOR YARNS and I LOVE THEM!!! Wheeee!! Of course, Anchor don't seem to do solid colours, only the variagated.. but that's a small issue and shan't mar my excitement and glee!
chrissie knits
I started knitting this mysterious item last night, but skoot and I were both completely knackered so when he headed to bed I did too and sat there knittering away, determined to get halfway on my first try before going to sleep. It was a hot night, you can see his tootsies in the background sticking out from under the blankie and our wicked awesome big fan whirring away making my cast on tail shimmer!! I've done some more at work today and will finish it today I'm pretty sure :) Yay! Fun fun!

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