Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I have many the photos, many the stories, and many the sharings to share!
But I don't have many the spare moments to sit and type a post! Ack!
So I instead fill you in with a quick and incomplete duo of Sash items for the moment... until I have some spare time I can allocate to catching up with the weekend post! Particularly as it's a LONG weekend post!

So this weekend amongst the other bits and bobs (stories to follow) we got up to, I knitted up skoot's magical hand dyed stubby holder! With 100% wool hand dyed by skoota with food dye (story to follow) knit on 4mm straights, a tight gauge - basically it's a long strip I will stitch onto a stubby holder - not quite insulative enough on its own, tight gauge or no, so I'm adding the extra woolly goodness to the outside of a regular stubby holder.
skoots stubby close
Close up of the colours and stitches :)

The second exciting news item is that I've decided to start up on a knitted garment! Wheee! Gorgeous Mum has sponsored me the yarn for knitting up a jumper - but it's quite exotic yarn (story to follow) so we'll need to order it through the US as the company (and NO stockists!) ship outside the US! grr!! So while we organise that exciting venture (story to follow) I've decided to knit up CLEAVES!! Yay!
cleaves normal
Remember the pattern I posted about a while ago - the half-a-jumper from knitty.com? Lovely lovely! I'm thinking of Silkroad ultra by Jo Sharp, through lovely Helen and Ann at Knitting Inspirations - as it seems it'll give the right gauge etc.. but then it may be exie as it has silk and cashmere in it.. will look at pure wool options too and have a chat with the Inspirations ladies then consider my options! Woohoo! A real knitted garment! It seems a nice easy pattern, knit on circulars, bit of ribbing at the sleeves, nice and funky.. yum yum!!

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Michelle said...

wow...that wool is really colourful!! did you dye that yourself??