Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So much fun!

How can there be SO many fun and lovely things! It's brilliant!
I've returned to work since last week, which has been something of a shock to the system.. But it was softened somewhat by the uber generous spoiling of me for my birthday by the lovely girls at work!!

Just look at my goodie stash!!
Spoilt by work!
I had told my Birthday Buddy (we have a work birthday group) about Stitch'n'Bitch Nation, having LOVED the first Stitch'n'Bitch I was hanging out to get the sequel. So they all signed in the front cover so now I have not only an awesome knitting book filled with awesome alternative and fun patterns, but as I've had them all sign the inner cover, a fabulous book immortalising the birthday wishes of my GORGEOUS work colleagues who are such good friends of mine, and I shall miss so much when I leave. I was also spoiled with a fabulous huge knitting tot! (the big blue and flowery number in the photo) which is AWESOME! I've got a few different knitting bags, but nothing as big as this one - perfect for a big afghan or jumper or something - verrra niiice!! Top it all off with some lovely fluffy green yarn (acrylic I think, but nice and soft, am thinking of some cushion covers for my studio..), birthday chockies and a hilarious satirical office memo pad - SPOILT!! Such lovely friends at work, I appreciate the effort and thought put in so much :)

Last night skoot and I headed out to a nice high hill near the ocean not far from our place to check out the nearby comet! NEARBY COMET!! How rad is THAT?! Obviously not visible in this shot, but the sunset had been stunning too and left, as the navy blue night descended, a gorgeous rich orange along the horizon.
Sunset comet tues
We're heading out again tonight with our telescope again, and a good camera to see if we can get a shot of it through the telescope. Tried with a phone camera last night (I'd had a glass or two of champers and was a bit relaxed about what to take up the hill!) and could almost capture it through the 'scope, so with my lovely flash spanky new camera it should be do-able :)

As soon as I started knitting again, on the Anchor-cotton-coloured-delight pressie i can't BELIEVE I managed to go without knitting for however many days I did! The smoothness of the needles, glossy against one another as the cross and brush, the silky shimmery fibres of the cotton looped around my fingers - BLIISSSFULLLL!!!!!!! Am thoroughly enjoying it and knitting at every opportunity again - while the car's warming up in the morning, lunch breaks at work etc - almost in manner of madwoman or person obsessed... I even knit into the night while skoot was asleep nearby, it was a super hot night so we slept on the swag in the loungeroom. I didn't want to disturb the sleeping giant so I used my little head torch we made up, and wore my birthday tiara of course.
Have made progress to another little coloured bar - lovely lovely :)
anchor cotton yum yum
Amongst all these super fun things however, the one thing I seem to be lacking is time. I have all my stunning and snuggle-worthy birthday fibre fluff and haven't even spun one fibre yet!! And gifts to knit, games to play, Chilli dogs to walk, blogs to post on...!!! Work and chores of course put a significant dint in my leisure time - holidays are never long enough! And then there's this...
Since the Halloween party last weekend this is the state of my studio, or as I call it the 'nestie'. My little place of artful thoughts and knitterly delights, soft and snug, peaceful and nurturing - lovely :) But not any of those really at the moment! We had to move everything out of the lounge/dining/hall for the party, and in our haste and lack of other space it all ended up smooshed into the nestie. So I have some serious tidying ahead of me! It presents an excellent opportunity though to rearrange and reorganise the space and all my crafty goodies :) Woot!! Found a silver lining!

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