Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Culinary Darings

Skoot is one of those people who has an instinct for cooking. HE doesn't use measuring cups or recipes, but simple knows how much to put in, when to stir, and can be sitting on the couch watching a moofie with me then suddenly jump up "It's ready!" and go to the oven to pull out perfectly golden brown creations with no timer on the oven at all!! I am -not- one of these people (yet?) so am constantly amazed by the magic that is skoota :) The other day he wanted to make a milkshake.. He got a pint glass and put in cashews, date honey, ice, tumeric, cinnamon and a few other choice ingredients I didn't identify, poured milk over the top and...
Picture sashcam 273

***bbrrrZzzzzzzzzz ***

Picture sashcam 277
Hehe, one of these days it might rub off on me and I too will become a kitchen wizard! But for now I'm happy being awed and delighted by the taste combinations and innovative thinking that is skoot :)

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