Friday, March 30, 2007


Blogger has gone bananas!!

I didn't think I'd changed that much in the template and now lookatit!!

The sidebar's all crazy yoga and I couldn't get the recent posts to do what I told it to... gah!

Definately seems like a job for.... Super Michelle!! hehehe There was superhero music there, I hope you know *wink* Yes indeed, about time for a blog makeover with the help of Super Michelle, Momo-Powered Designing skills! hehe =)


The knit picks options needles have arrived!!! I didn't think I'd get the whole set rightaway because I normally don't dig metal needles but I tried them at fabulous Helen's and I LOVE THEM and they're aweesome awesome AWESOME!! I'm SO THRILLED TO BITS!! *does crazy arm flailing jumping about excited happy dance* I LOVE that I adore them! I now have a brilliant, stunning, practical, elegant matching set of DELICIOUSNESS!! Can't wait to knit knit knit all day stinky work in the way!! More pics and actual review to come! I would have posted about the DIVINE needles yesterday but.. I was using them!!!

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pinky-yin said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! they have arrived.... hey! no fair... u get to try them first... :P hahahahaha just kidding *wink* i've got your yarns too....oooo its going to be an EXCITING city nits tomorrow... one more sleep....