Thursday, March 29, 2007

There's jam in my donut

One of my favourite sayings is "Who took the jam out of your donut?" Meaning - what's gotten up your nose, what's bothering you etc.. And it seems this last month or more I've used it quite a bit... leaving me with a rather insatiable craving for a jam donut myself!!

So yesterday I did the deed, I had myself a tasty, sugar coated, jam donut! For breakfast no less!! I really could have done without it, being that I'm focusing on health at the moment PLUS I now fit into a pair of pants I haven't been able to wear for quite some time - YAY!!! =D But the lure of the jam donut I had covetted for so long was too strong - I decided to indulge and enjoy - yum!

So there definately is jam in my donut =)


bink said...

Every time I think about jam donuts, I remember the little store next to the old pet shop in the forum, and getting a sugar high after a jam donut and a red creaming soda :) Or those lemon lime & bitters with the ring pull lid.. memories! :)

Now *I* crave a jam donut! However I haven't squeezed into any old pants lately so I will resist *grin*

pinky-yin said...

hey... its ok to indulge once in a while... secret is portion control :) now i am wanting a jam donut myself... :P