Monday, March 26, 2007

A picture tells a story of a thousand words

So in the spirit of that saying, and because I want to start knitting NOW.. here's a quick picture post!

albany port
[The yacht amidst the yachts and the lads on board- if you look super closely you can see the handspund handknit birthday beanie too *grin*]
Our weekend away was spent mostly around one of Albany boat ports as we were helping our mate prep his wind-thief for the big sail. Beautiful weather, big tall blue skies, sea birds, pelicans, fish, squid and all sorts - including me donning my fins and mask to dive beneath the boat and jetty to retrieve a staunchon dropped over-board mid-weld! Brrrr!!!

albany billy boat
[Billy on board]
We were blessed with the company of the cuddly, clever cutie Billy dog - she and I enjoyed many relaxing good times on the bow together soaking up the sunshine and serenity =)

albany biking
[Red dirt and revs]
When we'd had enough of sitting around waiting for our ol' pirate mate to sort out his bits and bobs, we took off with his gorgeous and gung-ho son (but not in the kidnapping way) and introduced him to the world of pit bikes!

tahki package!
[ooooeerrrr.. the packarge!]
And what was there to meet us when we arrived home from our tiring long drive?

box o tweed
The Tahki Stacey Charles Donegal Tweed in liiiiimmee greeeeeennn!! Wheeee!! *does crazy excited dance running around room waving arms about*

tahki stash!
[The bounty laid out for all to admire!]
I ordered 2 more skeins than required JUST in case - I'd hate to be caught short and have to scrounge around trying to source the same dyelot, ship it over yyyaahh yah and so on = nightmare. So I went the safe options with my PIRATE'S BOOTY OF YARN!! hehehe I'm so excited =) If I have heaps left over I can make a matching something!! Feels quite rough, which is surprising and a bit disappointing. But I'll see what happens to my swatch before I cry myself to sleep over less-than puppy-soft yarn. Besides, it's a hoodie, so I'll be wearing it over other items of clothing, so softness isn't paramount. And I love love LOVE the colours =D

tahki tweed skein
[old fashioned windings!]
I unwound the skein and wound it loveingly into a ball, the old-style way, as my swift and winder and still on a sleep over :) And it was super duper fun! Can't wait to get knittin!

p.s. I'm chuffed!! Skoot and I had put the tellie on ready for Top Gear but found that the news was only just starting on most channels.. whaaatt? Then we realised that W.A had turned off daylight savings and back to normal time and left us unawares! So to my delight I have an extra hour of knitting time tonight - woohooo! =D

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bink said...

What a gooooooooorgeous dog! Such a cuddly kissable smoochy face. I'm in love :)