Saturday, May 19, 2007

Knitterly Day

CitiKnits group today was, as always, SO much fun! I always have a ball with all my fellow knitters and crafter - such enthusiasm and fibre all in one spot!! Just look at the table full of projects, new yarn acquisitions, books, magazines and tasty beverages!
CitiKnits May
We all admired Helen's new Fetchings out of delicious cashmerino aran (I think?) - so soft! So snuggly! Now we all want to knit up a pair for our morning work commutes ;)
CitiKnits May Fetchings!
Michelle and Yin made some yummy yarn purchases which they wound into centre-pull balls using my trusty fantabulous woolly winder and swift - hoorah!
MIchelle watercolours 2
Michelle (in her gorgeous newly knitted top!) with her Knittery Watercolours (do you think she's in mid serenade song to her yarn?)
Yin envy
Yin with her scrummy Envy

There's a Jaywalker frenzy going on at Citiknits with Anne, Yin, Michelle and Helen all contributing to the zig-zagging! I'm looking forward to getting involved too, and have the yarn at the ready, but must be good and get more done on my other projects first :) Michelle's also knitting away at the Jo Sharp Beret pattern - man, that girl knits fast!! Here Yin models how far along she is! Very nice!
Nice Beret!
I continued my knitting of Grandad's pressie - SO close to finishing!! It's become a very fiddly process though - look! Only 4 stitches on each needle - yikes!
Grandad's pressie fiddly!
My magical Hogwarts knit is officially on the needles!! Yipeee!!! And would you believe I got guauge PERFECTLY! I'm thrilled to bits! Next time I will definitely be ordering yarn through Bendigo Mill in NSW - Have you seen thier range and prices!?
Gryffindor swatch and start
When Skoota saw me knitting away he teased "Oh yeah, a McDonald's knit hey?" and now I can't get that out of my head whenever I look at it!! Bloody Ronald McDespicable! hehehe

A lovely day :) How could it not be when it's spent with such lovely, friendly cuddley knitters like these!!
cuddly knitters


2paw said...

You all look so happy and it is so interesting to see what other people are doing. I must remember to take photos at the Knitting Coven next time: you've inspired me!!!

bink said...

Looks like you had a lovely time :)

I think I recognise one of the ladies as the compulsive knitter who's sometimes on the same train as me in the morning!! :)

Ann said...

I do enjoy every session as we admire each other finished projects & some creative ones! It's always so much fun to be with people of the same interest.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the perfect coverage of our City Nits gathering. It is always such a pleasure to be able to spend time with my dearest knitterly friends. You are all such an inspiration and it is just so much fun. Knitty hugs to you all.

Michelle said...

oh dear...i hope i'm not that compulsive knitter that bink saw on the train????

hahahahahahahaha...sasha?? am i compulsive?????????????????????

anyway...we definitely had a lot of fun that day. i finish the bolero that same evening and guess's tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo small!!! argh!!!!

bink said...

You say that like compulsive is a bad thing!

How about 'committed' then? :)

No sense in wasting commuting time :)

Michelle said...

hahaha. hi bink!! you'd have to say hi to me next time when u see me!!