Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tonking along, tinking back

Gryffindor shrug is fabulous!! I'm having so much fun - a lovely relief of straight forward, 5mm needles as opposed to lace and 2.5mm needles! Lush red, squidgy yarn flowing through my hands and the little centre-pull yarn cake jumping about as I pull more and more yarn from it - almost finished the first ball!

The other night I came across something unsual however.. At one of the KBF (knit back and front) combos I did something very creative and couldn't quite figure out what it was I'd done so differently.. I continued on thinking it might blend in to the lacey look of the shoulder increases.. but no, I wasn't happy without and I knew I couldn't live with it - it was time to tink tink tink and unknit all the way back through 3 long rows to the errant KFB!

tinking along

tink tink tink

It is happily fixed now and I'm continuing my blissful cruise along :) Many more stitches done today and yesterday on Grandad's Pressie, I'd love to be able to catch up with Gran and Grandad this weekend to present the gift? Maybe..? We'll see!

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Ann said...

You seem to be very deep in thoughts - it must be the tinking back - but it's worth it at the end! Happy knitting!