Friday, June 22, 2007

Bag o' Bendigo Booty!

Monday this week I took a day off work. A Wellness Day was very much required to de-stress, settle the house a bit more and basically Self-Care. I'm feeling much better now :)

And thank GOODNESSI was at home - because there was a knock at the door and a huuuuuge parcel was waiting on the doorstep! Just look at the size of it!! (I put my shoes and armchair next to it for size comparison - Ginormous!)
bendigo parcel
It's the Big Bag of Bendigo Booty! hooray!! =D A week ago or so I put in an order for a range of yarn from the Bendigo mill in NSW, having heard fabulous things about them from knitterly friends! They had sent me out a great range of shade cards showing all their yummy yarns and such, which was perfect - I was able to check out exactly which colours I wanted and get a real feel for the yarn texture and so on. They were very helpful, and sent out the shade cards for free complete with a 10% discount on my first purchase.

Well! Purchase I did!! Look at all the goodies lurking down inside the postal sack!
bendigo goodies
And the haul is certainly nothing to be sneezed at! It certainly surprised Skoot when I excitedly displayed the cannon-ball sized woolly acquisitions to him!! In response to his ill-disguised startlement I reminded him that I had told him of my order placement, to which he replied "yeah but I didn't think you'd bought half the store!!" Which is actually a reasonably valid point... LOOK!!
bendigo haul
Yes, that's right.. 13 balls of yarn - each one 200g in weight and FANTASTIC!! I'm so thrilled *massive cheshire cat grin* Granted 2 of the balls were bought on half of others, and one if a gift, but that still leaves an addition of TEN cannon-balls to my already seam-bursting stash - so I must be a restrained and disciplined WINDOW SHOPPER from now on - no more purchases for a while, thank-you very much!

But I should have no trouble in that regard - I have so many lovely treats in my own stash to knit with! And these lovely cannons are a very welcome addition =D Two balls are the Harmony yarn - a wool/cotton/lycra combo I have in mind for some baby knits (Elf Hats I reckon!) as I have a close friend and a cousin both due in October! Better get cracking!
bendigo harmony
I think this particular blend will be well suited to baby knits. A bit of elasticity, soft and snuggly, but not too warm (one of the babies will be living in Darwin!) - poifect!

These two luscious balls of yarn helped to appease Skoota *grin* they're 100% Alpaca and soooo soft and delicious! I can't WAIT to start knitting up a beanie or some such for myself - I need something to keep my little earsies warm in the mornings! One of the balls, the Oceania colourway on the left, was purchased as a Thank-You gift to the lovely Cheryl at my work, who has promised to teach me how to knit socks with a grafted Dutch heel! oooer!!
bendigo alpaca

And finally, four balls of superwash baby wool in a frosty white; 2 balls 3ply, 2 balls 4ply. I bought these with a mind to start doing some regular dye-work, particularly to try out my exciting new acid dye range! Ooohhh!! *excitement*
bendigo tower o yarn
I decided the 3 and 4 ply yarn would allow me to make up sock yarn sized skeins, thus allowing me to try many different dye methods and colour combinations. I'm really looking forward to having a go! Maybe I can squeeze in some time this weekend.....

P.S Many thanks and warm knitterly wishes for everyone's kind comments and well wishes for our new home :) We're really enjoying being in our lovely new place together!


2paw said...

Oh all that lovely wool!! I love the Harmony and I miss the Lime colour but the paler greeny blue looks nice too!!!

Ann said...

That's a good idea for the 4ply white baby yarn - you must show me the yarn after dyeing - maybe I can buy some from you??

Michelle said...

woo hoo!! my bendigo rustic yarn is here!!!