Thursday, June 21, 2007


This little pile of yarn off cuts can only mean one thing!! .....
shrug yarn ends
I've woven in all the ends or my shrug so far and SEAMED one of the shoulders!! EEEEeeee!! I'm very much on my way to my first hand-knitting garment! A real garment!!
shrug one sleeve
*dances about with much enthusiasm*
I'm not sure if it will be that long, being that I'm only "wearing" one side, and no collar ribbing yet - but I just HAD to try it on! It's a real sleeve now!!
Picture sashcam 033
I know the flash is too bright.. but can you see my seam?! Doesn't it blend in SO well!! I'm so SO very impressed with the wonders of mattress stitch! I had been hesitant to give it a go after bastardising my first attempt when seaming up Skoot's beanie from handspun - but now I blame the irregularity of the knitted handspun fabric, because this is working brilliantly!
shrug dodgy seam
My only digruntled-ness is at the cuff/arm join there - you can see the wonky part of the rib. I'd been pulling the fabric taut as I went - sewing a little, drawing it tight, sewing a little more etc.. Then I got all the way to the red, tied off my yellow yarn and *gasp* No! I'd forgotten to pull up the last excess yarn loop from drawing the bottom section taut! So I tried to pull it from the top, but it kinked up the top stitches from where I'd tied off my yarn *pout* Nevermind! That's the only error I made so far so I'm happy with that! So tonight I'm onto the next sleeve! Ooooeer it's exciting!! =D


SP10 (Karen) said...

Your shrug looks fabulous Sasha. You did a wonderful job. Congrats on the seaming - after many years of knitting it is one of the things i am still not very good at. You will look very stylish at the movie premiere!

Dame Wendy said...

Ooo look at that! That's looking great!

Leah said...

Wahooooo! It does look nice & your seaming is spot on!! I can't wait to see it all finished up!

bink said...

Ditto! It looks beautiful!


Michelle said...

congrats on the seaming!! i'm sure you'll fly with the rest!!! ^_^

2paw said...

Your Shrug is looking good and isn't mattress stitch so cool?? I love it!!

Ann said...

You did a great job on the seaming!