Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hogwarts Hotties

I wanted to gush a little bit more about Charmed Knits *grin*

The more I browse through this super fun book the more projects I find that I want to make!

The Phoenix Tear Scarf is so unusual - designed on the Phoenix feathery tail, and crystal healing tear drops of Fawks, Dumbledore's charismatic feathery friend.
phoenix tears scarf
I'm very much drawn to the asymmetrical style of scarf - one end feathery, fanciful and full, the other straight edged, simple and almost thinner somewhat.

Some charming little baby beanies are featured in Charmed Knits too, Elf Hats!!
Elf hats
I have a couple of new Mum 's on the way in my fold - a cousin and a dear close friend, and have had my ears pricked and eyes keen for any engaging baby knits - and lo! The Elf Hats! I'm very excited and am looking forward to casting on! ... Again!!

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Ann said...

Yes - the universal problem of all knitters - so much to knit but so little time!