Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Warmth for our mitts!

Or perhaps this post should be titled "I did a bad bad thing" because.. well, I suppose this is a safe and supportive place to voice my sins..
I indulged. I gave in. I purchased.
My weak will power did not mae the cut, could not stand strong against the herd of bargainus totalius I saw at the last Library Knittin group *sigh* That is of course, the remarkable and very alluring species that are sometimes found lurking in shopping centres, in baskets or bins are the front of stores, and even more recently this intriguing creature appears to have extended its habitat to online areas and even my humble knitting circle!!

It was there that the bargainus totalius - commonly known as the BARGAIN or GREAT-DEAL - was lying in wait last week. It's plummage all fluffed and displayed to best advantage to lure it's prey - we the inquisitive knitter. It was almost as if this herd of BARGAINS knew that we knitters are at our most vulnerable when in packs at knitting groups, spurring on by the orgy of patterns lying about, and the creative mind space we're in when at such waterholes.

Suffice to say, I fell victim to the coloured plummage and textured coat of the BARGAIN, and came away with 6, YES COUTN THEM SIX, balls of delicious, snuggly, luxurious Jo Sharp SilkRoad. Mmmmm..... You SEE?! The bargainus totalius has me under it's hypnotic gaze STILL NOW!! *shakes head* Goodness Gracious!!
snuggly haul!

I was initially looking for some yarn for some tasty warm mitts for skoot and I - I have in mind Dashings and Fetchings from the fabooo knitty.com. I ended up with 2 balls of each - the nightsky grey DK for Skoota's Dashings, the scarlet merlot Aran for my Fetchings, aaannndd... yes another 2 balls of the DK in taht scrummy aqua for Dashings for me! *bashful look* Well it was such a BARGAIN!!!! hehe plus, I really do need mitts now that the weather's turning cold. The mornings are FREEZING - and seeing as we leave for work so early, the steering wheel's cold, or waiting for the train.. so cooold.. see? I'm completely justified! (If only I can find time to knit them!) So now I have yarn, and pattern but couldn't find my 4mm needles all packed away in a box somewhere, and *gasp* no 4.5MM DPNS?!!

Then, just in the nick of time, what should arrive but..

sash cam 021

My brand spanking new casein needles! Hoorah! I've wanted to try these for some time, but had always considered they would be far more expensive than this humble knitter's needs and expenditure - but what should I find when browsing the Perth stores online.. the caseins were the cheapest! Unbereeeevable!! So I ordered them and they arrived the NEXT DAY! How's that!? I was pretty chuffed :)
cassein needles
I've got a set of 4mm DPNs for the Fetchings but needed some 4.5mm for the Dashings. Although.. the Jo Sharp tweed suggests a 4mm needles, not the 4.5mm the Dashing pattern calls for.. even though the Tweed and the pattern yarn are the same gauge.. hmm. So I'm casting on with the caseins and I'll see how it goes for gauge. After checking skoota's measurements I'll definately be needing the larger size - and even that may be a little too tight! But I'm hoping that the stitches will have some give, and that it will be a comfy fit after some wear.

I sort of get the feeling lately though that I might've bitten off more than I can chew.. Gran's shawl still in the works, my shrug, some gish-cloths, another secret pressie and a pair of Dashings for Skoot? eeeeeeep! nevermind -I'll just focus on one at a time and keep tonking along! If I catch public transport to work a bit more I'll zoom through my prjoects list!

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