Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's official!

We are now officially moved in! Skoota handed back the keys for The Hovel today, so we are now OUT of the stinky old place and officially (and gloriously) IN the fabulous delicious new home!! Hoooray! =D

My lovely workmates put together and gifted Skoot and I a gorgeous housewarming doormat!! We're thrilled to bits with it!
new doormat!
Doesn't it look great there with the dark wooden and shiny shiny floor boards? Mmmmm... And the gift arrived with the funniest timing! Sunday Skoot and I were at the hardware store to purchase some doormats, some for the back doors and one for the front - only problem was.. we couldn't agree on the KIND of doormat for the front door! Skoot wanted an ultra practical but plastic plastic (not so) fantastic looking thing, and I was going for the truthfully not so scrubby but STUNNINGLY wrought-iron looking celtic knot style felted mat.. so we left with two plastic fantastics for the back doors - one of which we would use for the front 'til we could come to a compromise. The very next day the girls gave me our gift!! I started laughing when I opened it and told them Skoot'd think I was having him on to get my own way "Ooh.. yess.. it's a.. uhh.. GIFT!!" Hehehe but it was indeed, a happy compromise and a lovely reminder of my friends whenever we cross the thresh-hold of our charming new home!

The other knit-nutterly item that's officially official is.. I'm ready to seam my GryffindorTwo-Tone Shrug !! Yaaaay!! =D
Gryffindor shrug sleeves
I've been working away at the shrug pretty steadily as I want to be sure it's done by the up'n'coming Harry Potter moofie premier July 3rd (EEEE!!!) - plus it's a super fun knit and I'm really enjoying the feeling of seeing my progress zoom off the needles! So I bound off the second sleeve today as I was Pub-Tranning (public transporting) my way to work, I used a much large size needle and tried to bind off loosely, as I wanted to be sure the sleeve ends would be nice and comfy - and I have a tendency to bind off very tightly! So now I must research my seaming methods (eeep!) and seam the two sleeves' sides together then I can get on to the big job of picking up the stitches around the neckline and rib rib ribbling all the way around!

Many other exciting things have happened over the last couple of days - other packages (not SP - Karen - sorry!) arrived, projects cast on, ideas sprung forth etc.. but I don't have time tonight to post any more! The anticipation will simply have to build and BUILD until tomorrow!! =D


bink said...

eeee!! yay!! :)

Can't wait to come check out the new place :)

But do tell, what is "Dashing Skoota" on the On The Needles list?? Are you knitting a lifesize replica?!?

Ann said...

Use mattress stitch to seam your sleeves (sew on the right side) as it is the neatest method. Good luck!

2paw said...

I concur: mattress stitch is the way to go. I have those two books too!! You don't see them around very much!!! Happy new Place!!!