Sunday, June 17, 2007

Secret Pal Spoilee Installment #1 - a.k.a "EEEEEE!!!!"

Our ADSL connection has FINALLY been connected - and just in time!!

My first Secret Pal Pacakge has arrived!! =D
sash cam 015
Technically it's my 2nd Secret Pal package, as package #1 is taking a dreamy holiday cruise across tropical islands and other exotic locations - so it will arrive in it's own good time! hehehe! Just look how SPOILT I am!! Yes, count them, SIX gorgeously wrapped gifties in the one parcel! EEeeeeeee!!!!

I am absolutely THRILLED to bits, and have to send a GINORMOUS warm, snuggly, chocolate-coated *HUG* out to Karen, my fabulous, magical Secret Pal - your are PSYCHIC Karen, and know all my weaknesses!! Lucky you're my Secret Pal, not my Comic Book Nemesis or I'd be in BIG trouble!! =D

As you can see from the laid out, displayed GOODIE STASH below, Karen is extremely generous and showered me with awesome goodies, such as a yummy vanilla candle (burning happily away on the mantel piece actually, lovely warm scent wafting from it - mmm!), cute little 'S' sticky notes, super cute TwistedWhiskers dogger note cards (one of which I've already sent off to someone!) ...
sash cam 020

Karen lives in Canada and I am STOKED that she included a Canadian goodie - the little maple leaf tote bag!! Yay!! I adore it and will make it my new little knitting tote I reckon! =)

And my two favourites.. you see them there, lying amidst the other treats and goodies.. oh yes... ALPACAAAAA.... *drools a little* And not just any alpaca, BABY Alpaca! By Misti Alpaca, a Candian yarn company, hoorah!! And in such a stunning green colour, very natural, and almost with a strand of black through it too - very fondle-friendly, in fact I've been spotted on more than one occasion carrying it with me, nestling my cheek into the soft warm snuggly skein.. My lovely SP had generously given me TWO skeins, 400m length in each, any suggestions for what I could knit from it? I'd love to make a shawl or a wrap for myself from it.. Please comment with ideas and hot tips! =)

Then the psychic finale.. CHARMED KNITS! The book I have been eyeing off and considering purchasing, then deciding I should wait, then jumping in again keen to purchase.. then waiting.. and now I know why! Karen has gifted it to me instead!! *huge hugs to Karen* I suppose it's quite clearly evident that I'm quite keen on the Hogwarty goodness of J. K Rowlings book series, so this book Charmed Knits is an absolutely glorious addition to my bookshelves! So many fun and Magical knits inside! Where to start?!
Invisibility shawl
Maybe this Invisibility Cloak rectangular shawl would work well with some of the alpaca...? It IS in a lace weight.. ?

I cannot thank Karen enough for her generous and thoughtful gifts =) *hands her a tray of tasty warm Anzac biscuits* THANK-YOU! Now I'm off to enjoy the spoils! *wink*


bink said...

Definitely time to make something for yourself!!!

That would be a lovely way to sort of christen the new studio :)

2paw said...

Oh what a perfect gift!!!! Green Baby Alpaca and the lovely Charmed Knits!!!

Ann said...

You lucky girl - it must have felt like it's Christmas in July. Enjoy!

AuntKate said...

The invisibility shawl is truly lovely! But I cannot wrap my brain around the SSK Bind-off she calls for. These three steps, repeated over and over, decrease a lot but they don't bind off. What's missing?
1. K2
2. Inserting L needle through the front legs of both of these sts from left to right, knit them together. (1 st rem on R needle.)
3. Knit next st.
>>Repeat steps 1-3 until 1 st remains.

LotusKnits said...

We've started an Invisibility Shawl KAL if you might be interested :)