Monday, June 04, 2007

Smoochie Thank You =)

When I first started blogging CSS, html and all coding in general made me feel a little like this...


But then Bink came on the scene, bursting through the door like a tech-savvy superhero, intelligence blazing and typing fingers powered up for extreme coding! Bink and I have been close mates for a very long time, and web-page coding is only one of the many things she has helped me with throughout our times together. As you can see my blog now has TWO sparkle-arkle-y sidebars full of juicy things - all thanks to lovely Bink's persistence and patience in tutoring my coding =)

So I hereby send a great, squidgy THANK-YOU hug and kisses, with promises of tasty home made treats and knitted items for you Binkett =) I really appreciate it


1 comment:

bink said...

Awwwwwwwww :) blessums :)

Remember, any time my coding seems impressive (it's not!! Most people who do it for a living do it better than I do :)), just imagine my baffled and amazed face when you try to explain knitting stuff to me! *Grin*