Tuesday, June 05, 2007

There's No Place Like Punk

Packing and knitting, knitting and packing continues - with some Tekken thrown in there too for a bit of variety - yupp, that's right! I'm returning to my geekdom by having learnt some Tekken moves and whup skoot's arse every now and then in a game ("every now and then as in", we don't PLAY every now and then, we play pretty regularly.. but it's only "every now and then" that I whup him!! hehe But I'm learning!)

Another trait of mine that shone through today was the soooort of punky element to the clothes and general style I like. I needed a new pair of boots for winter/general wear and finally found a pair that "will do" (I'm extremely pickly when it comes to settling on black boots - I wear them to DEATH so I must love them love them) and the store had a 2nd Pair - Half Price' offer.. hmmm.. But I was in my lunch break and rushing rushing so I glanced around to assess the "2nd Par" offer and I thought "oohh they're nice.. do I like them? Yes! Shall I try them on? No i don't need them. But they're so affordable.. hmmm well just quickly then.. oohh they ARE nice, well.. sort of... are they too long? oohh I don't know! I don't have enough time to think about this!!" so I put them back and only got the boots! Then I got back to work after my far too looooong lunchbreak and stewed over the lovely little houndstooth red drawstring shoes and finally decided I'd go back for them - and they still gave them to me for half price - yay!!

So now I am armed with my new pair of stompers...

And my lovely little pair of punky spunks! Yaaayy!!! =D

no place like punk

I now have all the appropriate footwear for work and play, summer and winter - hoorah!
Skoota has taken to referring to me as 'Imelda'.. though I can't fathom why.... ? *wink*

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Ann said...

A girl can never have enough shoes & handbags!