Thursday, February 14, 2008

Historical Event

Today marked a momentous event in Australian politics - the official 'Sorry' given to the Stolen Generation of indigenous Australians.
The full speech is available to view here - and is definately worth a look. I feel it was given with great respect and well carried out as an inclusive and uniting experience for all Australians, with a look to the future, in being able to acknowledge the past. My faith in the future is somewhat renewed, and if that is what I feel, I can't even imagine the joy and gambit of emotions those who have experienced the impact of the Stolen Generation acts must be feeling right now.


2paw said...

Wasn't it a great day??!! I felt a wonderful feeling of togetherness. It has indeed restored my faith in our nations' future!!!!

Inoriz said...

At least this country is big hearted enough to apologize. Tell me what other countries would admit their wrongs readily? :)

Inoriz said...

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