Monday, March 10, 2008

Fluffy lettuce leaves

Well I think I have kept you in suspense for long enough! (longer than I intended in fact, but that seems to be life, doesn't it?!)

We indeed even have one correct Clue Sleuth! Blue.Knit guessed correctly that this:


Signified this!
lettuce leaf

Delicious Malabrigo worsted (approx aussie 10ply) in the Lettuce colourway!! A beautiful, gentle mix of greens, from lettucey green to a paler softer green - delectable!!

lettuce mmmalabrigo

I bought this skein, my first ever taste of mmmalabrigo, from Yarn and Kisses, an online store that now supplies Malabrigo in Australia - hurrah!! =D I don't know if this is the first time it's been imported to Oz, but it's the first I've stumbled across it s deliciousness and I'm SO excited!!!

green nipple
[The real colour is part way between all these photos!]

Although this was my first Malabrigo experience I can assure it you it will NOT be my last. I couldn't put it DOWN! Even now I'm pining to return to my almost-finished project! (more on that later) It's a single ply yarn, one great cooshy spongey soft ply of fabulous merino - yum yum!! It's knits up into a beautiful fabric too - I'm using 5mm needles and having a BLAST with it. I can't WAIT to knit up many a delicious wearable item - particularly ones I can wear oh-so-close to my skin!

mmmalabrigo stitches

The only thing I'd be wary to knit with Malabrigo would be a jumper or other item you want for rough use, or that will get lots of friction-y wear. I think it will pill under too much rigourous adventuring, but seems PERFECT for garments like shrugs, scarves, berets and such, and cardigans/jumpers you'll mainly wear while not running around in the bush or squirming around on the lawn at the dog park!! We'll leave that kind of activity for tougher yarns, like the Tahki Donegal Tweed (or "hessian" as Skoot refers to it!).

For now I'm off to finish my current knit with this irresistible delicacy - which is one of Ysolda's fantastic designs - Verity! A divine beret with natural curves and a button! Stay tuned for an FO any moment now! Hurrah!!


Melinda said...

It looks luciously crisp as lettuce, with a much nicer texture!! Looking forward to seeing your finished project.

Inoriz said...

I can't wait to see the FO tomorrow!

Ann said...

It's gorgeous. I recently also bought some Malabrigo yarn but it's lace weight. Can't wait to see your green beret all knitted up.

Michelle said... the green!!! cant wait to see the FO!!!!

anyway...haven't see you ages!! miss you heaps!!!!!