Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A hint..

I have a clue for you!
Is this a fun game?
Hehee - a certain something is sitting in my bag right now... only just cast on and with a yarn I've never used before but have been wanting to sample for a long time.
This yarn is... DIVINE!
The clue is this picture:
"Hmmm.. what yarn could it be" I hear you wondering...
Why not have a guess!! =D


inoriz said...

Ooooohh!!! I know! I know!!!!!! Pick me! PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2paw said...

Well I'm hoping it's not a green yarn made of buttery lettuce!!! That wouldn't knit up well!!!

Michelle said...

definitely some green yarn....alpaca???

Ann said...

My guess is also green yarn - maybe organic?

blue.knit said...

Could it be . . . the wonderfully soft Malabrigo in the Lettuce colorway?

bink said...

This is unrelated to the post, I just wanted to send you these links :)