Monday, May 26, 2008

Blurry progress

It seems lately that the knitting has been FLYING off my needles! It's very fun and exciting, particularly when I see my Hoodii zoom along so quickly after being a WIP (work in progress) for ever so long!
cph sleeves seamed may 08
These blurry pictures (sun had already set but I was determined to take them, and take them without flash!) are proof that the Hoodii sleeves have both been completed and seamed to the torso! Hurrah!!
cph sleeves seamed may08
The torso hole was slightly larger than the sleeve hole (I knit the sleeves in the round) but I tacked the sleeves on at four points before beginning the seaming process, and that kept any puckering or buckling at bay.

I'm onto the hood now and can almost TASTE the victory of a timely finished knit! If I can finish it by this weekend I'll be wrapped!! The weather will still be cool enough for a little while that I'll hopefully get a lot of wear out of it! Wheee! Now.. must keep my eyes out for suitable buttons..


Michelle said...

way to go sasha!!! you are knitting like a madwoman!! hahaha. cant wait to see the Finished CPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leah said...

Wow! You are so fast & it looks fantastic!! Trust me, you will love this sweater when it's done! I've practically been living in mine since I finished it!!! :)

Dame Wendy said...

That looks beautiful!

Ann said...

The CPH looks so lovely on you & you have done a fantastic seaming job. Will love to see you in it!

2paw said...

Oh that looks so fabulous- very flattering and so beautifully green!!!!!