Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yesterday was a day for good news, exciting news, and news we had been waiting to hear!!

celebration may 08

Firstly we had our application for our new rental property approved and signed the papers - yay!!

And MOST excitingly.. I was given a fabulous job offer and have accepted! Hurrah!! =D

So we are very happy campers at the moment, and although these two changes will bring quite an alteration to our lives over the next few months, I feel they will be positive and we're definately ready for them!

*dances with glee*

This actually comes at a time when a lot of people I know, friends and family, have had similarly awesome and spectacular things happen in their lives and opportunities come up. I wonder.. Is there something in the air? The wind of change? A time of flux and resolution perhaps?


Lushorama said...

Congratulations, how exciting!!!! Can't wait to hear details, details and more details!!!

Michelle said...

congratulations on all these happy and exciting goodness!!! huggies!!!!

Leah said...

Congrats on all counts!!!

Ann said...

Congratulations! This must have been very exciting.

bink said...

Hurrah! You guys were really due a break :)

angelina said...

congratulations on all of the wonderful wonders!

the hat is darling... will it be safe from pointy kittens where it's going?

just wondering...